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This is my personal Tumblr where I share my own dog photography.
I have a 3yr old Great Dane mix named Charlie, and two Leopard Geckos - one being 11 years old!
I work at a dog daycare/hotel where I am a shepherd to a pack of up to 35 dogs; any size - any breed.
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  • It is illegal to pretend your dog is a service dog
  • It is illegal to register your pet as a service dog through an online service, these are ALL scams. Every. Single. One.
  • By pretending your dog is a service animal you are usurping rights and protections afforded by the American Disabilities…

People are like, “My apartment won’t allow pit bulls” “Oh, just say they’re are your service dog!” “Oh wow! That easy? Thanks!”

People are going to ruin the service dog community by trying to “beat the system.” Find a different place to live, or don’t adopt a breed that will potentially put the either of you in a homeless situation. Lying and breaking the law can’t really be justified with, “But he’s my dog.”

Would You Rather…


Have an Akita Inu or a Shiba Inu?

My favorite dog at work is a shiba, but they’re kind of like cats. They get random bursts of energy and they only listen when they’re benefitted. Akitas can have aggression issues, though, and I’d prefer to be able to handle the dog. So, shiba.