I'm Samantha! I am the creator of
This is my personal Tumblr where I share my own dog photography.
I have a 3yr old Great Dane mix named Charlie, and two Leopard Geckos - one being 11 years old!
I work at a dog daycare/hotel where I am a shepherd to a pack of up to 35 dogs; any size - any breed.
Feel free to ask me any questions! Personal or dog-related :)
Hey, not trying to bug you or anything, but if your leopard geckos are on sand you might really want to consider changing it to something that's not loose because it's pretty easy for them to accidentally ingest it and become impacted

Oh, I know. But I’ve had the spotted one for 11 years and when I initially got him I was buying sand that had huge grains. Now its soft and super tiny. I’ve never had any impaction issues. Even when they do accidentally eat some. Thanks for the advice!

pretendscious said: What kind of dog is Charles? I had a rescue that I never knew the breed of that looked very much like him.

I suspect Charlie is a Great Dane/Greyhound mix. Maybe some boxer in there, too. Definitely the body of a sighthound, though!


if ur having a bad day please enjoy these puppies playing with their mom


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