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So I’m learning new things everyday at my job, and on my voyage to be a dog trainer. Its pretty funny how most things you want to teach naturally to your dog are just plain wrong. But learning whats right makes so much sense!

Example. Teaching a dog to stay.

Naturally, you put your hand out and say staaayyyyy….. staaayyyy….. OK COME HERE! But no, that’s not teaching a dog to stay at all. That’s teaching them to be ready to take off at any second. And that second could be you saying come here, or it could be the microwave, or someone else clapping. They’re just on edge waiting to spring towards you.

Obviously you teach a dog to stay, cause you want them to stay. You want them to stay while you go answer he door, or get something out of the oven. So teaching a dog to stay means stay, until you return to them.

Every time they get up to follow you, you give a "ah-ah" and try again. The goal is to leave their sight, or at least not have to look at them in order for them to stay. Their hips should slouch to the side, like they’re getting comfortable. And always praise when you see small cues like that!

It might be dog basics 101, but I think its pretty cool.

I'm just reminding you that I love your blogs! <3

Thank you :D